This is my vision for our city. During my time on Calgary City Council, I have taken part in some incredible changes that moved us closer to that vision. It has been challenging at times to fight for these changes – and there is much more work to be done.

I am proud of my record as your representative. From advocating for the economy through the Downtown Economic Summit, to curbside recycling, to flood mitigation, I deliver results for Ward 7 and for Calgary.

Most recently, I’m proud to have delivered for the residents of Ward 7 by:

- Fighting to eliminate sprawl subsidies to keep more tax dollars here

- Spearheading recycling and the upcoming composting rollout

- Keeping revenue generated in our Ward for community improvements

- Supporting $45-million in tax relief to small business for 2017

I want to continue delivering results for you because I have the tenacity, vision, and energy. Our progress toward a better city would be impossible without your support, so please consider joining my campaign as a volunteer, donor, or supporter.

With your help, we can continue building a dynamic and progressive city that manages carefully, thinks ambitiously, and emerges kinder and more resilient.

Druh Farrell