Sunnyside School Leaflet

Hello Sunnysiders!

You may have received a note in your mailbox from a Ward 7 candidate claiming that our beloved Sunnyside School is to be redeveloped. This is misinformation, it is wrong, and it is very disappointing.

The Sunnyside School is NOT being redeveloped. The Calgary Board of Education has given no indication that they want to use this property for anything else other than a school.

The zoning for the Sunnyside School was directed decades ago with the passing of the 1988 Hillhurst/Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). The ARP actually down-zoned the site from a larger multi-family zoning to a zoning that is in-line with the surrounding community. The current zoning is consistent with the ARP and is not a high-density zoning. It is the same zoning as most of the homes in Sunnyside, something the 1988 ARP required.

The candidate claimed that the site should be rezoned "back" to an M2 zoning. The Sunnyside School was never zoned M2. The candidate also incorrectly suggested M2 is a recreational zoning. It is not. M2 would actually be an up-zoning for the Sunnyside School site. M2 is a larger multi-family zoning that would allow for increased height and density over what is allowed today. M2 is an inappropriate zoning for the Sunnyside School.

I am very disappointed to see such misinformation being spread in our communities. This is an unfortunate distraction from real issues that matter to Ward 7 residents. As always, I remain committed to working with Sunnyside and Ward 7 residents on planning for vibrant, resilient, and sustainable communities.

- Druh Farrell