Why I’m running for re-election

I’m running because now, more than ever, I have the tenacity, vision, and energy to do more for Ward 7 and Calgary.

Because we need great ideas, creative solutions, and a bold, progressive vision at City Hall.

Because nostalgia is not an economic strategy.

Because we can lead in technology, arts, and innovative industries.

Because we have an aging population that needs housing options for seniors to age with dignity.

Because the affordable housing crisis is real, and the only solution is to build more affordable housing and address the underlying causes of poverty.

Because climate change is here and we must act.

Because cities like Calgary must become beacons of progress and hope and diversity in an increasingly divided world. 

Because we need quality development that strengthens, not weakens our neighbourhoods.

Because neighbourhood amenities are aging and we need to re-invest.

Because Calgary is ripe with community-builders who can come together like never before to make a great city even better. 

Because our streets need to be safe and comfortable, whether you walk, bike, drive, or take transit.

Because, whether you use a wheelchair, walk with a cane, or push a stroller, public infrastructure needs to be designed with everyone in mind.

This election needs to be won on solutions not slogans, civility not disrespect. That’s not idealistic, that’s basic.

So let’s do this. Let’s do this together.