Vibrant, Healthy Neighbourhoods

  • Healthy neighbourhoods are the building blocks of a great city. Druh will continue to work with communities to foster a sense of belonging, pride, and connection. From small projects like pop-up patios and accessible playgrounds to large investments in community arenas, parks, and outdoor pools, Druh helps communities become engaged, resilient, and more prosperous. Druh helps residents spread good ideas for neighbourhoods that are accessible for all ages and abilities.

Safe Streets

  • Inner city neighbourhoods face constant cut-through traffic and pedestrian safety is a top issue. Druh delivered Step Forward, Calgary’s first-ever pedestrian strategy. Druh will continue to advocate for quick wins and major improvements to enhance the safety and vibrancy of our streets.

Smart Development

  • New development delivers investment and new families to Ward 7 communities; it can also bring challenges. Druh will continue to push for improvements to the planning process to deliver high quality developments that fit the neighbourhood. Druh ensures that new projects also enhance local amenities and aging infrastructure.

Complete Flood Mitigation

  • Since the 2013 flood, Druh has led the effort to deliver crucial upstream prevention and flood mitigation for our river communities. With Druh’s persistence, Council declared flood infrastructure a top priority. Druh will work tirelessly to ensure flood protection and drainage projects are completed.

Economic Resiliency

  • The City must play a key role in preparing Calgary for a more resilient economic future. Druh initiated a Downtown Economic Summit working with Calgary Economic Development that resulted in a roadmap to recovery. The report recommended ways to attract new industries and businesses, convert empty office towers into residential, encourage post-secondary institutions to locate downtown, and improve infrastructure to attract private investment.

The Tough Questions

  • Megaprojects must provide financial accountability. The Olympics or sports arenas are highly profitable businesses that often transfer financial risks to citizens. Druh will continue to ask tough questions around debt and tax impacts, risk versus reward, and public benefit of such projects.

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