Amazon HQ2

Calgary is bidding to attract Amazon's recently announced HQ2, a second headquarters that could bring $5b in investment and 50,000 new full-time jobs.

We have everything that tech companies are looking for in a city: available office space, a highly educated workforce, local and global transportation connections, and beautiful amenity-rich communities. We welcome diversity at a time when major companies are seriously questioning divisive global politics. Our quality of life is also internationally recognized, with The Economist again ranking Calgary in its top five list of most liveable cities in the world.

Diversifying our economy through attracting new businesses and industries is essential to creating a more resilient economy. At the recent Downtown Economic Summit that I spearheaded, attracting tech was identified as having major potential for rebuilding our Downtown economy and strengthening businesses across our city.

The Request for Proposal from Amazon highlights qualities they see as essential in being able to attract and retain talent. Amazon is specifically looking for walkable and bike-friendly communities, high-quality transit, and vibrant amenity-rich locations. These are the exact things that I fight for and will enable Calgary to successfully attract new jobs.

I will continue to advocate for attracting new industries to Calgary and for economic development that brings positive return on investment for Calgarians.