Druh Farrell for Ward 7

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Championing Arts and Culture

During my time on City Council, I have tirelessly championed Calgary’s arts and culture. Investment in the arts and culture sector has proven to provide social and economic benefits. Arts and culture enrich our lives and our experiences; connect us to our history, community, and humanity; and are an integral part of Calgary’s high quality of life. Arts and culture enliven the very fabric of a city, attracting creative talent and raising Calgary’s profile on the global stage.

Donation Disclosure

Druh Farrell is disclosing the donor list for the 2017 campaign, in advance of the election. 
  • 87 percent of donations are $500 or less.
  • 99 percent are less than $2500.
  • Over 70 percent are from individuals.

Sunnyside School Leaflet

Hello Sunnysiders!

You may have received a note in your mailbox from a Ward 7 candidate claiming that our beloved Sunnyside School is to be redeveloped. This is misinformation, it is wrong, and it is very disappointing.